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The name of the Tiger Reserve is “Nawegaon-Nagzira Tiger Reserve” (Here in after referred as NNTR). The core zone of this tiger reserve is divided into two distinct parts. These two parts are nearly 25 km away from each other, aerially. South west part of core zone is called as ‘Nagzira Block’ and North East part of core zone is called as ‘Nawegaon Block’.

The name of tiger reserve derived from two words i.e. Nawegaon and Nagzira. ‘Nawegaon’ name is taken from the name of 400 year old Malgujari Lake named as ‘Nawegaon Bandh’ along the north boundary of Nawegaon National park.  ‘Nagzira’ name derived from two words i.e. Nag and Zira. ‘Nag’ is Sanskrit word; it is means Elephant and ‘Zira’ means spring. 

This area was indicating the historic habitat of elephant. Another story of this name ‘ Nagzira is, there is a temple of 'Naag' (Snake) which is exactly in the middle of nagzira and a temple of Mahadev. 

There was also a village inside the forest called as 'Nangthana' that adds up to the name of the forest. Nagzira got its name from this temple and 'zira' (zara) in Marathi means a perennial source of water that comes out from a hill in Pongezara, Nagzira. Mostly tribal people lives here and this area were under Gond Kings in the old days.