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About Dr. Shyama Prasad Mukharjee Jan-Van Yojna

The plan envisages reducing the dependency on local forests by initiating various steps like distribution of LPG's, and Refilling LPG's making available alternative livehood like as Toilets, Modular Chulha's, Dairy Animals, Water Filters, Solar Lal Tail's, Borwell's and several measures for self and development of villages like as Library,  Lake Deepening, Small dams embankments, Solar Fencing for agriculture farming, solar pumps for pumping drinking water from ground and another for developing small financial  helps by forming a collective group and donating kitchen utensils to the village program
As pe GR isssued on 4 August 2015, till now the scheme was being implemented in Nawegaon Nagzira Tiger Reserves, Gondia, 106 villages will benefited by the working as 106 Eco-Development Committee (EDC) placed around the buffer village's and will also help in to increase the productivity through sustainable development of the "जन-जल-जंगल-जमीन" system in the village, reduce villagers' dependence on forests, provide supplementary livelihoods to agriculture, provide sustainable employment. Through participation of villagers in ways that reduce human-wildlife contact through availability and quality. It is necessary to raise the standard of conservation and management of forest and wildlife. Forest and Wildlife Conservation Year.
In the recent year 2023, was to implemented the scheme in 106 villages around the buffer area of Nawegaon Nagzira Tiger Reserves.
"The NNTR has commite targeting by distributing LPG's to village families coverved which helped curb pressure on forest for fuelwood."


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Tassar Cultivation Training

Lac Extraction Training

Distribution of sustainable livelihood resources to the villages through EDC (ECO- Development Commitee) till March 2023 Last updated: March 2023.

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