Special Tiger Protection Force

Nawegaon Nagzira Tiger Reserve has Special Tiger Protection Force deployed in the field. The deployment should be at locations where the STPF should be able to reach a given area within a reasonable amount of time to tackle any crisis. 

The main centres for deployment of STPF are:

a. Nawegaon Bandh

b. Kosamtondi

c. Wadegaon.

The Special Tiger Protection Force will be preferably used as a Strike Force and they will patrol mainly the core area boundary & buffer area. Strike Teams should carry out regular mock drills to test their level of preparedness and their response time. Their presence will also send out a strong psychological message to any intended poachers. The Special Tiger Protection Force will patrol the area around all lakes and sensitive area such as markets in the buffer area. Detail protocol should be prepared at NNTR level for best utilization of STPF. RFOs should patrol with STPF thrice a week. Rapid Rescue Team is ready at Sakoli to cover rescue operations in buffer and adjoining areas to it. STPF RFOs should walk in co-ordination with RFOs of surrounding ranges.